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CW's Truck Route


These pages are dedicated to the men and women of the trucking industry. Without them we would all be naked, hungry, and living in a cave.

These people are all True Professionals and are deserving of much more credit than they receive.

Like most web sites, this one is being added to, or changed constantly.

Take a cruise through the Truck Links and see some of the machines we drivers call home/office.

Need a cup of hot coffee and some #2 for the rig? Maybe a quick snack or a real sit-down dinner? Head over to the Truckstop page and find the place you're lookin' for.

You know which truckstop you want, but how do you get there? Grab a map at the Map page and you're on the way. I know there is one in there for just about anyplace in the "48" (I'm sure Alaska and Hawaii are there also).

Should you wear a jacket when you get there? Don't need to "throw iron" to get there do you? Better check the Weather page and get the latest info.

Drop over to the Links page and meet some other Drivers, read a magazine on-line or just look around. Should be something there for everyone.

Want to link your homepage here? Send me the URL, or a banner, and I'll put it on the Links page. I have received a few, but more are always welcome.

Send me whatever you have and I'll get it added as quick as I can.



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