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Truck Route Weather Links

As a truck driver myself, I have seen many different weather conditions across this nation of ours. I have been in bright, sunny, warm, beautiful weather in one state and in a matter of hours be in the worst snowstorm with ice, wind and freezing rain all thrown in just a hundred miles down the road.

If, as a driver, you expect to deliver on time, the ability to route yourself to your destination depends on many factors.

One of them, the weather, requires you to keep posted of the current and changing conditions all along the route you have selected.

I have placed these links here for just that purpose. Please use them.

The CB is a great tool to gather information with, I constantly checked weather and road conditions by talking to other drivers coming at me from the area I was heading into.

Whenever I stopped at a truckstop I always checked the weather channel on the TV in the drivers lounge.If it looked like I was going to have to "throw iron" I was already parked !!!

Please keep abreast of all possible trouble out there. Re-route yourself if necessary. That dispatcher doesn't have a clue what it is like out there. When in doubt PARK IT. Get there late, but GET THERE. Be SAFE.....

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Just click the logo or enter a Zip. This site has quite a lot of info. Take a look see...

Click for Elk Grove, California Forecast This site is currently showing the temp, etc. for my homesite. Click on the logo and when page loads enter the city or Zip for the forecast you want. Good info here also...

Click here to find the road conditions, closures, etc. in California. Just enter the hiway # and away you go...

Know a good weather site?

Send me the URL and I'll add it to this page.


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